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Fees & Processes

Making the sales process simple

If you do not want to deal with the consignment process, and are looking for a simple outright sale, we are buyers for your car. No matter where you are in the world, we make the process simple. In most situations, all we need are some basic photos and information along with a photo of your title. Once we agree on a price we will make all the trucking arrangements, regardless of where in the world your car is located.

Consignment breakdown and fees

If you prefer to consign your car Next Generation Classics will take care of all the steps to find your car a new home. Below is a breakdown of the various work done to ensure we maximize the sale of every consignment.

  1. Trucking: We arrange the pickup of your car from any location. As the consignor you can pay the trucking upfront and directly to the trucking company or we will pay the cost and we are then reimbursed once your car is sold. There is no mark up for us to coordinate trucking.
  2. Mechanical work: If we notice any necessary mechanical work needed to maximize the sale of your car we can prepare an estimate for your approval. This work can include a minor service, major service, A/C repairs, safety items and more. Repair invoices can be paid directly to the service shop.
  3. Detailing: We do not charge for a standard detail of your car. If there is minor paint work, a buff of the complete paint, or a professional steam clean of the engine bay and undercarriage area we will send an estimate and get your approval before any major detailing work.
  4. Videos: Videos will vary by the needs and intricacies of each car. Some videos are in-depth histories and driving shots, while others include trucking to locations such as the desert or a race track. Each video will be discussed beforehand and charged at our cost with zero mark up in the price.
  5. Photography: We shoot and edit all necessary photos of your car including, including beauty shots, underside, spare parts, books and tools and any special features or extras. This is included in the consignment.
  6. Description: We do extensive research into the history of your car then write a thorough description outlining the service, ownership, history and the condition of your car and best features. This is included in the consignment.
  7. Website: Your car will have a dedicated page on our website to display the photos, video and description. This is included in the consignment.
  8. Email newsletter: We prepare a newsletter with all the photos and information on your car that is sent to our thousands of subscribers. This is included in the consignment.
  9. Social media: Long before your car is advertised through our website we begin posting it on all our social media platforms. Due to our very large social media presence there have been many cases where cars have sold through our social media posting before the car ever has a chance to hit the website. This is included in the consignment.
  10. Advertising: Your car can also be placed in print and online ads in publications such as Sports Car Market, Hemmings, Classic Driver and many others depending upon the type of car. We charge at our costs and do not mark up the price.
  11. Inquiries and Offers: We answer all inquiries about your car, keep an accurate log of all inquiries, supply photos or documents as needed to every person that inquires, show the car to prospective interested parties, facilitate pre-purchase inspections, and negotiate offers and counter offers. All offers will be submitted to you for approval or counter offering.
  12. Paperwork and shipping: We handle all of the necessary paperwork to complete the deal, including complex transactions such as part trades and exports. Next Generation Classics charges a percentage of the final sales price. That percentage varies based on the car’s type and value.